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Bikkie Day 2020

The Pet Centre

Hi there, welcome to our team page! We are back for 2020 baking for the Blind Foundation!

The Pet Centre in Wellington are a family owned, local business who along with our amazing crew are keen to give back to our community. The Blind Foundation working guide dogs give freedom and independence to New Zealanders who are blind or have low vision. This has a huge impact on peoples quality of life plus it gives a friend for life!

You're donations are so important, this is what you're money can go towards in helping raise a guide dog puppy

  • $30 could buy soft toys and tug ropes for guide dog puppies to aid their development
  • $50 could pay for a guide dog puppy’s first eye check
  • $100 could pay for all vaccinations for a guide dog puppy
  • $200 could pay for a working guide dog’s special harness

Please help us help them by donating whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button.
To spread the word, please help by sharing our page with your friends and family.
Thanks for helping us raise lots of dough this Bikkie Day! You've helped change a life today

Thank you to our Sponsors


The Pet Centre Instore



I want cookies


Sarah Chapman

Amazing work team! Bikkies look great for a life changing cause. Proud Manager


Connie Faisandier



For a good cause. Great work. PS: I also want cookies


Penny T

Sarah Halls cookies were bomb🥳