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I'm baking a difference

Once again I will be baking bikkies to raise money for New Zealanders who are blind or have low vision. Thank you for your donation and for helping me to raise a lot of dough this Bikkie Day.

Õtorohanga we kicked butt last year let's do it again.  

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Tuesday 28th Jul
Have made around 200 doggy biscuits and 100 chocolate chip human bikkies.  
On sale from Thursday at ISite, Subway, Moss & Co, Stand Easy Coffee, Support House, Second Chance & Little Scissors Hair salon.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Amanda Kiddie

Thanks subway, stand easy coffee, little scissors and moss and co


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Countdown sales


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Bikkie day at the club


Amanda Kiddie

Thank you danzbagz for selling


Bikkie Sales

Thanks Stand Easy Coffee, great sales this week.


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Marguerite Phillips

You are an awesome person, you care so much about people and animals. Keep up the fantastic work. Love Marguerite


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Support house, second chance, moss and co, little scissors final amounts. Thank you


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Sales at work


Bikkie Day

Best customers ever


Lisa Pease




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Bikkie Day

Thank you Second Chance and Moss & Co for bikkie selling


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Little Scissors

Thank you Little Scissors for bikkie selling


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Bella Vacca Jerseys

Save one for me.


Paige Kiddie



I wish it could be more as it's a cause that means a lot to me. But an awesome way to raise support x